Angels of Protection

One day toward the end of 1999, I asked my father if he would like one of my angel art pieces to hang on the wall above his bed in his retirement home. He enthusiastically said, “yes,” and chose “Angel 5,” now called, “Angel 5 / Of My Father.” Then, intuitively, without any pre-thought, I said these words, “this angel will protect you.” I believe this was truly a spiritually evoked statement, because about six months later this angelic premonition came to pass, which literally saved my father’s life.

When I visited my father, who resided at a retirement hotel in Westwood, California, the ritual was to call him first, planning our visit together, which I did every time, without exception. Heading home from my studio one day, located in the Mid-Wilshire section of Los Angeles, across from the County Museum of Art, the thought “see your father” flashed in my head. It was so strongly pronounced that I immediately turned around and headed for Westwood. The intense thought, “see your father,” turned into a voice. I had not called him, but “see your father” kept pounding in my in my head. My heart was racing by the time I got to his room on the seventh floor. I banged on the door, but all I could hear was the tv blaring. I ran down to the office, got the staff to open the door, and found him lying on the floor unconscious. It took the paramedics only a few minutes to reach us, and they were able to revive him from insulin shock. Without the paramedics help he would have been gone. I knew then, without a doubt, that the angel hanging over his bed had protected him by acting as a messenger to me. He had been plucked from his body’s eternal rest. However, a year later he passed on peacefully during the night. He was ninety-three years old, and had lived in every decade of the twentieth century.