Dreams Above the River

Dreams Above the River is a twelve image series I began in March 2014. It is a mixed media, minimalist/maximalist urban series, each image consisting of three elements: 1) A background foundation photo of downtown Los Angeles including 2) sky unique to each image, and a new third individual element, both which I render in painting.

The twelve images will be titled the months of the year: January through December. Subject matter will include: nature, freedom of choice, love, compassion, war, health, sex, art, money, balance, spiritual awareness and consciousness, anger, meditation, courage, relationships, prayer, fear, happiness, wisdom, peace, communication, oppression and humor. Dreams Above the River is descriptive of life on this planet and beyond and also is in homage to Los Angeles, the city I grew up in from the age of five and love very much.

As to the art: the cityscape image is the foundation of the series much like love is the foundation of a successful relationship. It, along with the accompanying sky, will occupy the same space in each image; however the rendering/painting of the sky will be unique to each piece. The third element, which I will also render in painting, collage, objects, will be a closing metaphor or symbol for the series.

Referencing Dreams Above the River, it is with love that I thank the following incredible people: designer/fine artist/photographer Jayme Odgers, a friend who has been a mentor to me over many years and who photographed the Los Angeles downtown landscape, which he let me use for this series, Larry Vigon, graphic designer/fine artist, who basically inspired me with his observations of what I had been doing in the commercial art world to follow my dream of doing my own art, and my wonderful brother Ray Jacobs, graphic designer/artist/ad agency owner, who has been totally supportive on every level. Of course, with all my gratitude, I lovingly recognize many others who contribute to what I, and all of us, holistically experience on many levels, and in many present moments.